5 Trends to Prepare for Digital Transformation in 2021
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5 Trends to Prepare for Digital Transformation in 2021

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Today organizations are under increasing pressure to stay competitive and create connected experiences with digital.

FREMONT, CA: Following the pandemic COVID-19, digital transformation has accelerated, replacing the previous slow but steady method. Faced with unparalleled challenges, businesses have no choice but to adapt to a radically altered business climate. As the new year approaches, it's apparent that the pandemic's uncertainty will stay with the world into 2021. Looking forward, here are some of the digital transformation trends to consider in 2021.

• Accelerated Investment

As businesses grapple with COVID-19 fall-out, they have scaled digital transformation programs. According to the latest reports, restrictions on movement, office closures, and supply interruptions drive this trend. It is reported that digital transformation trends have been increased by 5.3 years, while experts predict global digital transformation investment will nearly double between 2020 and 2023.

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Switching to Virtual Interaction

To keep pace with lockdown restrictions, many businesses asked employees to work from home. At the height of the lockdown, the workforce was working full-time from their homes.  It seems likely this digital transformation trend will continue through the year 2021. To overcome challenges caused by a lack of personal interaction, firms will expand and refine video conferencing potentials. Also, there will be a better emphasis on internal messaging and social media abilities.

• Increased Use of Contactless Solutions

According to the report, there's been a switch to digital technologies that mitigate the need for face-to-face contact. This digital transformation trend especially impacts customer-facing activities like grocery and clothing shopping. It has seen accelerated demand for video conferencing facilities and increased interest in B2B eCommerce services.

Digital Communication Network Upgrades

As the need for digital services increases, this scales the expansion of 5G cellular services to meet the demand for high-speed, high-volume data communication. A digital transformation trend is the long-awaited launch of Wi-Fi 6 that will up download speeds by a factor of three.

Improved Investment in Cloud Technology

Another vital digital transformation trend for 2021 has been the fastened interest in the cloud. Freeing businesses from legacy applications, cloud computing enables world-wide access and is key to facilitating remote employment. The cloud provides unparalleled agility and scalability, enabling organizations to respond rapidly to new opportunities and challenges.