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5G Influence in Tomorrow's World

By CIOReview | Monday, March 10, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Current business models are influenced by the internet and networking capabilities. Organizations are deploying more sophisticated networking equipments and technologies in an attempt to enhance connectivity across the business spectrum. Round the clock connectivity is key to quench the thirst of the ever-demanding customer. The shift in the internet access methodologies from the stagnant device to mobile device has got wireless network providers excited. There is huge market potential for technologies such as 5G that has connectivity powers several notches greater than the current existing network technologies.

5G wireless networks have the capacity to support connections for atleast 100Bn devices at a data rate of 10Gbps per user with extremely low latency and response times. According to a study by Huawei, the deployment of 5G networks will rise between 2020 and 2030. 5G will be layered upon the existing wireless technologies like Global System for Mobile Communication, Wi-Fi and radio access technologies.

5G wireless network can make real the transformation of the world population into an end-to-end globally connected digital society. Analytics can be built on the cloud that drive business prospects and enrich customer experience. 5G technology would be crucial in realizing “zero distance” connectivity experience between the users and devices spread across the globe. With significant technological advancements in telecom sector, incorporating 5G in telecom would drive the customer experience to a different level all together. 5G can play significant role in building smart cities. Besides the 5G wireless technology can be influential in automation, automotive and Internet of Things.

While there are obvious advantages of implementing 5G, there are some challenges that need to be addressed as well. Factors such as the capability of the wireless networks to support massive capacity and connectivity, support diverse set of services and efficiently use available non-contiguous spectrum need to be fine tuned in order to reap the benefits of 5G wireless technology. Advanced breakthroughs in waveform related technologies have to be accomplished in order to develop 5G to perfection.

To overcome the challenges, countries such as UK and Germany have come together with a 5G research program. The British government has earlier announced a plan to work with Taiwan on 5G technology. Meanwhile Korea has also shown its interest in 5G technology and is expected to test it from the year 2017, as reported by Times of India. 5G has been of keen interest in Arab region as well, Etisalat – a company into telecommunication services and technology headquartered in the United Arab Emirates – and Huawei have come together to test 5G technology mobile and broadband services in the Middle East. 

With the capabilities of providing 1000 times faster download speeds with lesser latency and enhanced battery life compared to 4G, 5G is surely going to be the next big thing.

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