5th Dimension Logistics Launches 'Echo Data Exchange' - a New Information Management System

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

SCOTSDALE, AZ: 5th Dimension Logistics, a provider of payment solution technology, launches a new information management system called Echo Data Exchange designed especially for Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) for better control of supply chain systems and easy distribution of information to downstream partners.

The Echo Data Exchange is designed to simplify the complexity and cost of information exchange. Data exchange over Echo helps merchants to reduce point-to-point integrations that handle sensitive data. The maintenance and set up of Echo Data Exchange is cost effective and easier compared to traditional Electronic Document Interchange (EDI).

Echo will help companies overcome challenges of supply chain synchronization and integration of systems by routing the related data and centralizing the management and integration of these systems to a secure, scalable cloud. Along with cost efficiency, operational efficiencies is also an added feature provided by Echo Data Exchange.

“We are excited to release the Echo Data Exchange to our merchant partners. Echo, coupled with our payment hub will provide customers the flexibility of a cloud-based solution and a centralized management tool for integrating to their trading partners and vendors. Along with those features, the Echo Data Exchange will shorten our merchants’ path to PCI Compliance,” says Matanda Doss, President, 5th Dimension Logistics.