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6 Best Advantages of Adopting Oracle Cloud

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Oracle Generation 2 cloud infrastructure can boost business innovation and enables enterprises to migrate seamlessly.

FREMONT, CA: The first generation of cloud solutions were not able to fulfill many enterprise demands. These cloud solutions were not developed enough to handle large financial systems, government workloads, or data-intensive applications. Being a new solution, Oracle’s next-gen of cloud architecture is designed to meet these enterprise challenges head-on with PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS services to help. 

Here are the top 6 reasons to adopt the Oracle cloud.

A second-generation cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to convey the vital issues related to the first-generation clouds. Developed for innovation, Oracle’s next-gen architecture helps enterprises move enterprise workloads to the cloud seamlessly, providing faster and more pricing, better predictable performance, and security.

Performance optimization

Oracle’s IaaS offering provides unmatched, diverse capabilities—from its second-generation platform and bare metal services to remotely direct the memory access for computing clusters. This allows guaranteed predictable performance and customer isolation and opens the door to the autonomous workloads.

Oracle workload optimization

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides one-of-a-kind features and tools that efficiently migrate and run Oracle’s databases and business applications. Necessary changes are required to move, cutting the cost and length of cloud migration.

Leading price/performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides market-leading price or performance. Workloads stationed require fewer compute servers and block-storage volumes, decreasing the cost to deliver optimized performance. Oracle compute servers also aid in achieving 25–65 percent cost savings compared to competitor VMs.

Support for SMB growth

For SMBs who grows larger, experience application, adoption rate spikes, and often the similar challenges as larger enterprises, Oracle Cloud backs planned growth via traditional and modern tools for the developers and mission-critical workloads.

Defense in depth

Developed for core-to-edge protection, next-gen Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides customer isolation, internal-threat detection, data security, and automated threat remediation. Compute, and network resources are isolated, and the code, data, and resources are segregated from management machines.

Support for long-term plans

Representing a radically new public-cloud architecture, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is created for the predictable performance, core-to-edge security, and governance the mission-critical, performance-intensive workloads requirements. Therefore it will be possible to plan the assured of robust business outcomes.