6 Incredible Technologies Generating Great Value to the Builders
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6 Incredible Technologies Generating Great Value to the Builders

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Novel technologies in construction are developing at a breakneck pace. Great value is generated by optimizing efficiency and productivity at every stage, from planning to construction with this incredible advancement.

FREMONT, CA: The construction industry is characterized by being very conventional and resistant to change, but emerging technologies are promising applications in building projects. A report published this year shows that venture capital firms invested $1.05 billion in global contech startups, showing the speed at which technology is being deployed in the sector.  Here are some of the most noteworthy trends one should expect to see in the construction industry in the years ahead.

• Augmented Reality

With the potential to not only visualize the real world, but also add to it, the opportunities of AR for the construction industry are endless. For construction companies that can afford AR, is a revolutionary step forward in how things can be projected and built and is a trend that will undoubtedly grow exponentially in the coming years.

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• Connected Job Sites

The above trend goes hand in hand with many of the other technological advancements. With cloud technology, all of the people and companies can stay connected with each other. There is an increase in different software solutions that enables graphics, measurements, and instructions to be passed along much more efficiently, and in real-time too.

• Construction Management Software

Most construction businesses commonly use construction Management Software. Today there are numerous types of construction software being used to manage all functional areas of construction which help achieve business operations including job costing, service management, project management, scheduling, budgeting, and payments to site a few.

• Drones

Drones are in heavy use at construction sites, with one in five companies already benefitting from their use as per reports. Drones can save time, as an entire site can be surveyed in a few minutes, while also saving businesses a great deal in labor costs. This is a rapidly developing technology given the accuracy and precision of their readings and less human involvement.

• Green Construction

Experts are expecting the costs of green construction to go down significantly, assuming the industry follows other trends. If the entire construction process is streamlined with the use of labor sparing technologies, sustainable forms of energy can be easily offset, making the clients’ savings well worth the application.

• Robotics

If robots are precise and accurate enough to use in healthcare, they will undoubtedly be able to be a commanding force in the construction industry. The installation cost will be high, but it may very well be worth it to at watch where this technology goes. Robots can even lay bricks and tie rebar, and maybe they will be able to take over the majority of the current man-operated construction operations shortly.

Firms that are willing to research and implement technology can reap its rewards with increased productivity, better collaboration, and complete projects on time and under budget, ultimately resulting in higher profit margins.

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