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6 Reasons to Upgrade to Conversational AI for Customer Interaction

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Chatbots have worked to gain the trust of companies on virtual agents, and now the responsibility has been continued to Conversational AI, which has the capacity to supercharge the customer experience with seamless operations.

FREMONT, CA: The arrival of innovation in digital customer services, especially with AI, has automated the tasks of handling innumerable basic questions that companies face daily. For a fact, conversational AI platforms are so advanced that Juniper Research forecasts the technology can curb business expenses accounting to almost $8 billion by 2022.

Constant Availability:

The successful implementation of conversational AI is verified as the numbers of human operators are already starting to decrease as one of the steps towards digital transformation. This has also been cost-effective to the company with the reduction in the number of complaints filed as well.

Instant Responses:

Delays result in loss of both existing and potential customers, and customers are most likely to be impatient. With the adoption of conversational AI, the quick service of the technology is sometimes too fast for the customer even in the face of an emergency. Some companies have opted for delays in the replies by 1 to 3 seconds to provide an illusion of typing.

Proactive Abilities:

With the introduction of a virtual agent, the potential lowering of quality in service is a misconception as the customers will never go unanswered even if the problems are not solved. The best of both worlds exist with implementation of the conversational AI, by providing sufficient information as well as customer interaction.

Capacity and Scalability:

Appointing new staff members or even allotting them to handle customer service during peak time is a tough job, and it takes a great program with an innate scalable chatbot to handle peak-hour inquiries. With a fully functional conversation AI, an unlimited number of conversations can be managed.


The primary asset of humanity is creativity and variety. But in case of service and information dissemination, the most experienced employee will provide different answers. The conversational AI is a lifesaver as it allows for consistent information. It is trained to provide reliable, predictable responses every time the same questions are repeated.


The conversational AI is trained or customized to predict the characteristics suitable for the customers intelligently and suggest through hierarchical conversation flows that encapsulates all the outcomes. The predictive analysis portion of the technology would have been impossible a couple of years ago.