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6 Reasons Why Angular is Better for Web Development

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 4, 2019

In this digital era, the market is witnessing the ever increasing demand for web developers. There are millions of websites on the internet, and the numbers are rising every day. Multiple platforms are available in the market for web development. Choosing the right one with the ability to present a functional and a user-friendly is tough. AngularJS has gained a lot of traction since it was launch by Google. It is an open source web application which revolves around HyperText Markup language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and JS (JavaScript).

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The primary purpose of AngularJS is to simplify front-end development. Termed as the next big thing, AngularJS comes with several frameworks and plugins for designers as well as developers. Here are a few reasons to choose AngularJS:

Developed by Google

Angular is developed and maintained by experts at Google. So, developers can rest assured that they would be working on a stable code base. It also gives them an excellent opportunity to learn from certified open source experts. If any issues arise, professionals and community members provide the solution.

Uses MVC Architecture

AngularJS uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture for web application development. Implementing MVC is simple. The developer needs to split the app and AngularJS takes care of everything else. In the MVC, Model is responsible for maintaining data, View is responsible for displaying the data, and Controller bridges the gap between View and Model.

Handling Dependencies

Dynamic loading and dependencies become easy with Angular, and their utilization as per requirement without worrying about instances and namespaces becomes easy as well. Angular takes care of the complete object life cycle thereby handling dependencies exceptionally.

Feature Rich

Angular has features like data binding, scope management, form validation, API client, directives, and data binding. These features make Angular robust and make the web applications more straightforward, easy to detect and troubleshoot if any problems arise.

Two-way data binding

Angular uses two-way data binding. It has multiple benefits such as automatic update of the underlying data store. UI updates itself as soon as data store updates. These updates remove a lot of logic from the front-end display code especially making effective use of Angular’s declarative inclination towards UI presentation. Effective bundling of data on the front-end reduces the need to do complex and destructive manipulation of the DOM.

Standard JavaScript Functionalities

Angular uses Plain Old JavaScript Object (POJO) in every object. This means that the need for extra getter and setter functions are redundant. POJO provides all the standard JavaScript functionalities and facilitates in removing and adding properties from objects and can loop over objects at will.