7 Steps to Choose an Anti Malware Tool

By CIOReview | Monday, August 8, 2016

Post emergence of the cyber world, data security threats are on the rise and it’s up to the IT administrators to keep up with the best ways to protect their company’s data. With broad ranges of anti-malware and anti-virus tools available in the market, selecting a malware removal tool is no easy task. Ever since the first malware was detected, cyber security experts around the globe are fighting a constant battle to protect their data from viruses. To avoid any event that can deeply affect a company’s critical assets, organizations should have a glance at the below points while choosing a malware removal tool.

Feature Set:

Every company has different requirement in terms of protecting its data from virus intrusion. While choosing an anti-malware tool, one has to see if the proposed anti-malware tool meets the needs of the company and offers layered protection for the critical assets. Frequently required features for a complete malware removal tool includes antivirus/antispyware protection, desktop firewall, support for virtual environment, intrusion alert, e-mail protection, data-loss prevention and device control. The key is to select a malware removal tool that’s a best fit for an organization’s structure and has the ability to provide endpoint security for the next few years.


This is another criterion to look for when considering a malware removal tool. Performance is one of the crucial factors for endpoint security. It has been seen that some anti-virus tool causes a slow system performance at the endpoint. It is significant to check the average malware detection rate of the new tool and how quickly does it responds to a new malware. Checking that how much memory is needed for a fully enabled malware removal tool and how much of the CPU resources it will consume for a default configuration is beneficial for a company.

Privacy Policy:

This is important to see that the next vendor has enough capability to secure the critical assets of the company and the privacy policy has adequate potential to protect clients’ data. Though, the companies need to be careful about the data access, reading the privacy policy of the vendor can be helpful in this regard. Further, it has been seen that some of the well-know anti-virus service providers have faced security breach in their own network. So, checking the privacy policy of the vendor is critical.

Browsing and Download Protection:

A security tool that offers browsing and downloading protection can be beneficial. As simple internet browsing can sometimes lead to a security threat, a browsing scanner can be handy for the hidden threats.

Real-Time Update:

A malware removal tool with real-time updates about every program running in the background or on a virtual server can be very useful. As anti-malware tool customers expect to get an update about every malware threat to their system.


The criterion entails the system configuration requirements and compatibility with the existing operating systems of the company’s computers such as Windows, Linux and Mac. It can be productive to check the system configuration requirements of the new tool for each endpoint? Can the new tool drive the updates automatically? Which server OS does it support? If the company has legacy systems then it is very important to discuss with the new anti-malware tool vendor as some malware removal tools don’t support legacy systems.


It is important to see the payment method of the vendor as some software has one-time fee while others have monthly or yearly subscription packs. Endpoint and server security, installation and integration costs are some other costs to consider when finalizing the deal.

Before considering a new anti-malware tool, an organization can check for the product review from different users and find out what other IT administrators are saying about the specific product. A vendor with 24/7 technical support can be helpful. Additionally, using a trial version of the tool can be useful and if the trial is not available, contact the vendor directly for a limited period trial version.

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