87 Percent of North American Enterprises Would Have SDN Implemented in their Data Centers by 2016

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CAMPBELL, CA: 87 percent organizations surveyed in North America would have implemented Software Defined Networking (SDN) in live production in the data centers in 2016, says the latest survey report from Infonetics Research, a market research company.

The survey titled ‘SDN Strategies: North American Enterprise Survey’ analyzes trends, accesses needs of organizations ranging from private corporate businesses to educational institutions deploying SDN in their data centers and campus LANs.

The report further says that the respondents are expanding the sites of their data centers and LAN over the next two years. A significant portion of them are currently conducting data center SDN lab trials and the rest have plans to work with SDN this year. 45 percent of them are planning to have SDN in live production in the data centers in 2015. The plans for LAN SDN have been found to be almost identical to their data center plans.

The driving factor for SDN acceptance in data center environment have been found to be enhanced management capabilities and improved application performance. On the flip side, the challenges for its implementation are potential network interruptions and interoperability with the current IT network setup and equipment. According to the report, SDN is going to have least influence in enabling hybrid cloud environment.

Around a quarter businesses surveyed are ready to consider non-traditional network vendors for their SDN applications and orchestration software. Regarding the usage of SDN in Ethernet environments, 17 percent of respondents’ data center Ethernet switch ports are on bare metal switches, and only 21 percent of those are in-use for SDN.