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A Guide to End Email Spoofing

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Alexander García-Tobar, Co-founder & CEO

Alexander García-Tobar, Co-founder & CEO

Industry’s first fully automated solution for email branding along with brand indicators for message identification (BIMI) have been delivered. Now, the companies will have the leverage to use a simple and secured interface with BIMI.

FREMONT, CA: “ValiMail identifies all third-party senders utilizing the domain name to send emails. This allows us to identify suspicious senders that are impersonating the brand, as well as SaaS apps that use the domain name to send email”, said Alexander Garcia-Tobar, Co-founder and CEO of ValiMail.

The email has become a number one target for the latest phishing attack, but the solution of email authentication based on the DMARC standard has various complexities and is time-consuming. This is where ValiMial comes in with their automated email authentication service. The organization has successfully replaced a labor-intensive manual approach with its cloud service, automating the entire process.

ValiMail has helped several of its customers like HBO, Yelp, Uber, CNN, and City National Bank to achieve DMARC enforcement with minimal effort. Garcia Tobar further said that “ValiMail ensures that clients get to DMARC enforcement and stay there despite rapidly-changing email ecosystems.”

The adoption of DMARC becomes simple for the IT staff as it is sold as SaaS, and the clients also get to enjoy global scalability and reliability. Mail takes milliseconds for authentication and secures the enterprise email ecosystem by ending control shadow email service. Additionally, email authentication also impacts the deliverability, and this is something which every marketing department values. ValiMail was featured in the Top 20 Enterprise Security Companies - 2017 by CIOReview for their fully automated solution for email. The companies using ValiMail Amplify can also take control of the images and information that are displayed adjacent to their email messages in the customer inboxes= after adding BIMI.

The email authentication service provided by ValiMail can cut phishing volume by almost 99 percent and also eliminate the spear-phishing attacks. The firm has secured not only incoming email but also outgoing email traffic as well. The email authentication service works at the domain level and also tries to immunize both the sender and receiver. When the domain gets protected, it becomes easy to eliminate impersonation attacks.