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A Healthier You through IoT

By CIOReview | Monday, March 5, 2018

It isn’t a surprise that getting fit is the first to-do in every individual’s list of goals. While sticking to that is a challenge, IoT is here to help you achieve that fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The huge amount of fitness plans or programs available online makes it hard to understand which plan is right for you. People often forget that incidental exercises like walking to shops, still count. An additional walk for 20 minutes a day can add up, and with wearable devices like Fitbit or the Apple Watch, you can easily help keep track of the benefits you ripe through such activities.

Another biggest obstacle preventing an individual from getting fit is lack of time. A clean eating habit is an integral part of the battle of getting and staying fit—an app like HAPIfork helps you do it. It notifies you if you are consuming too fast and lets you know that you need to slow down, eventually helping you feel fuller on smaller portions.

When it comes to smartphone accessories, smartwatches top the list. Tracking your step count is a lot easier with the on-the-board GPS tracker, which synchronizes with your phone; this is best suitable for those who can’t make time to sync and set up several devices.

There are several apps that can keep you motivated, in case you can’t afford a gym membership. An example is the Runkeeper app, which connects to a workout tracker providing clear details on the distance covered, running time, pace, and calories burned. It motivates you through its real-time audio—like a virtual coach. The app also gives personalized fitness plans that can help you achieve certain targets.

Such connected devices are continuing to evolve, enhancing in its ability to better track calories and ensuring that they motivate you to get out and about.