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A Landmark Year for Sustainable Foods

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sustainable Foods

Technology has revolutionized agriculture at regular intervals, from the invention of the ox-drawn plough to the first gas-powered tractor. In the next two to three years, digital technologies in agriculture will have sizeable market coverage around the world, concentrating on food sustainability and public health.

FREMONT, CA: Every year, food and beverage brands are hard at work, deciphering new trends, and how to deliver more to meet consumer expectations. Many patterns are an extension of products, such as meal kits and plant proteins, but with elevated options for health consciousness growing daily, sustainability is the answer. From innovative plant-based options to ancient African grains that are naturally gluten-free, anything can be ordered from the customer’s smartphones. Here are ten top sustainable food trends you will see in 2019.

1. Sustainability’s 360-degree Advance:

As much as customers are motivated by their own health while making food choices, their decision-making is also being driven by how these products control the well-being of the earth. Reusable bags and water bottles have become omnipresent, and consumers have begun to look more critically at the overall sustainability of their purchases.

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2. Plant-Based Innovations:

It is clear that in a time where sustainability is trending, plant-based food habits are at the front and center. According to the reports, more plant-based innovations highlighting seeds, beans, and lentils are finding their way in the diet instead of snack bars and chips.

3. Elevated Convenience:

While environmental agitations are driving some food trends, convenience continues to dictate many of the choices consumers are making when it comes to the food on their plates. As manufacturers respond to rising healthy priorities, quests for inspired flavors, and interests in personalization and competition from speedy delivery services will get an upgrade.

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4. Transparency 2.0

With more features of the food system being scrutinized, enterprises will continue to be held accountable to act within the transparency apparatus. In addition to transparency in nutrition label, ingredient list, and marketing claims, more and more packaging will become consumer-centric for customization.

5. Gut-Healthy Foods:

Digestive health has emerged as a central component of today’s view of health and wellness. Fermented foods and drinks, long consumed in other cultures, have become more widely available in the first world countries with items appealing to wider audiences. The convenience trend can also be observed with many gut-healthy products on the market coming in single-serving options that could easily be consumed on the go.