A Market Overview of the Global Document Management System Industry
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A Market Overview of the Global Document Management System Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

FREMONT, CA: According to a recent study by Verified Market Research, the Document Management Systems Market was valued at $4410.72 million in 2019 and is expected to develop at a CAGR of 10.11 percent between 2020 and 2027.

There has been an increase in cloud-based document management services, which is boosting the market's growth. The report on the Global Document Management System Market provides a comprehensive assessment of the market. An in-depth examination of the market's significant segments, trends, drivers, restraints, and the competitive landscape is provided in the study.

The global market for document management systems

The growing digitalization of the healthcare business is a significant factor driving the document management system market's rise. In the healthcare industry, document management systems are used to track, manage, and store papers, resulting in reduced paper usage. A document management system (DMS) can store records created and edited by multiple users, and it minimizes human labor and creates a paperless workplace, all while minimizing errors. Additionally, fierce rivalry in the healthcare business and an increasing emphasis on patient privacy will increase demand for document management systems in the coming years. Additionally, the market's growth is being fueled by the growing acceptance of cloud-based document management services.

However, concerns about information security and privacy are the primary factor impeding the market's growth. Due to its adaptability, sensitive data is routinely kept on cloud-based and database systems. Numerous cloud storage suppliers lack data security and privacy capabilities, and there are numerous instances of cloud storage data being exposed. Cyber attacks can significantly harm an organization's reputation and may jeopardize its operations. The market's growth is also being harmed by integration and implementation challenges with document management systems. Nonetheless, the growing trend toward digitization in emerging countries and the increasing usage of cloud storage technologies over on-premises storage will generate opportunities for suppliers and healthcare and information technology (IT) professionals in the future years.