A New AI-Powered Cloud for the Marketers
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A New AI-Powered Cloud for the Marketers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Mark Simpson, CEO

Mark Simpson, CEO

Acoustic is the only marketing cloud that’s entirely dedicated to the needs of marketers through AI-driven, purpose-built solutions and open platform thinking.

FREMONT, CA: Acoustic has formally debuted as the most significant full scale marketing cloud, providing marketers the most exciting and open marketing platform in the industry. Acoustic has been established with a complete focus on empowering the marketers to do their best work freely. The company was formed by Centerbridge Partners’ acquisition of IBM’s marketing and commerce software offerings and is led by an experienced team, including former IBM professionals. Acoustic is entering the industry with market position, client scale, and a proven technology platform.

“Acoustic refers to the science of sound. It represents our commitment to helping our clients listen to their customers, understand the dynamics of the market, and find creative ways to make themselves heard. Acoustic symbolizes our ability to focus on marketers and better hear what they need. We help them resonate by creating environments that draw their customers in closer, allowing them to cut through all of the noise in the rest of the industry and make more meaningful personal connections” said Mark Simpson,  CEO, Acoustic. “Our mission is to unleash the brilliance in marketers by freeing them from the fragmented processes and siloed technology they've had to settle for in recent years. We wanted our brand to evoke the intersection of humanity and technology that's at the core of all great marketing and the core of Acoustic.”

Being the largest independent marketing cloud company in the market, Acoustic is dedicated to marketers. All the direct competitors of the company have dramatically different, sometimes conflicting businesses. With the sole purpose of serving the needs of the CMO and an infusion of capital from Centerbridge Partners, Acoustic has an opportunity to re-architect its platform to solve marketers’ current complex challenges.

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The company provides a new route for marketers interested in applying new technologies and taking advantage of Acoustic’s proprietary industry-leading AI technology to achieve better outcomes. The open platform of Acoustic integrates with other marketing tools to link information across ecosystems and reveal new perspectives that can drive development. The company’s solutions solve distinctive problems and liberate marketers from the fragmented procedures they have to deal with in the past.

“With the vast legacy of investment in Watson as the backbone of our AI, we bring the most experience in AI-driven marketing. Indeed, we pioneered the category of AI-powered marketing years ago. What's more, we're purpose-building Artificial Intelligence into our features, rather than simply layering it on top, so that it seamlessly works behind the scenes to solve real problems with ease. The best kind of AI is the kind that disappears into the product. We currently offer the most applications of AI than any of our competitors and are doubling down on investment in AI to make sure we remain the leader here,” mentioned Simpson.

Acoustic empowers marketers to do an excellent job by delivering them open platform purpose-built, AI-powered marketing solutions. While space-based behemoths are distracted by conflicting business objectives and providing cluttered and obsolete technology, the organization can concentrate specifically on the particular requirements of marketers. The company offers more innovative technology to marketers that help them understand their customers more personally than ever before. The organization leverages new investment to construct a marketing cloud for the future by placing the marketer first, allowing supplier-wide frictionless cooperation, building AI into products, and prioritizing privacy. The organization offers the market more experience in AI with a strong base and history of outstanding customer accomplishment, bringing true meaning to what was historically just a buzzword for the sector. The organization intends to use agility to assist marketers in achieving the best possible outcomes and capture market share.

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