A New App to Create a Virtual Fantasy World

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CUPERTINO, CA:  Becoming a wizard or a fairy casting several magic spells is now very easy with the newly released app “Real Magic”, which creates a virtual world by simply using hands. The magic app is created by Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies- provider of playful creative experiences, with advanced patent-pending augmented reality (AR) and motion sensing technology.   

The newly- launched application is a gaming app that allows users to create magical visuals by simply waving their hands and fingers near their iPhone camera(front and rear) It gives a Microsoft Kinect-like motion-gaming experience without any need of expensive hardware. Users just need to launch the app in their near store. It comes with two different sections, first comes with three packaged tools (fire, ice, rainbow) and the other one with (dark, elf, phoenix), which is available via in-app purchase.

In addition, the visual effect that the app provides effortlessly match with the environment, giving a true, real experience. While playing with this app, users don’t have to remember the hand movements because it instantly maps the stunning visuals to whatever the camera sees.

“There are plenty of apps available in the App Store to help people be more productive and save time, but what about people who want to be more creative and add some magic and wonder to their lives? Well, now they can enjoy Real Magic, and truly feel like a wizard, casting spells. The only limit is their imagination,” states Xiaoxiaoniu Creative Technologies.