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A New Approach to Security

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Digitization has brought the dynamism of another level in businesses as well as personal space. However, along with it came escalated incidents of cyberthreats. Organizations across the globe are facing threats such as ransomware, among many others. This spurt in the threats has drawn the attention of the businesses to have an efficient information security systems and strategies in place to safeguard their digital financial transactions. While implementing security solutions, however, organizations often forget that the most devastating aspects of today’s sophisticated cyber attacks is the persistence demonstrated by the attackers. Persistence is the ability of the attackers to penetrate a network and reside there to collect relevant data to steal from the systems. Therefore, it’s time for the security industry to rethink their strategies with the aim to prevent an attacker from making the most out of their persistence.

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There are two new models that can be major drivers in protecting servers and the network from persistent attacks.One is micro-segmentation which is a new way of firewalling. Micro-segmentation acts like a miniature firewall that has the ability to fence every single server, denying random connections between servers in the data center. To make micro-segmentation most effective, it can be done at the hypervisor layer. Micro-segmentation isa powerful way to thwart the internal spread of malware within an enterprise. Another way attackers induce attacks is through socially engineered content that lures users to click on a link. It is a tough job to manage every web vulnerability. Security vendors have come up with an innovative technology termed as web isolation. This new technology is aims at running web pages in a safe platform before delivering the finished web pages to the browser.An important aspect of web isolation approach is that no prior knowledge of an attack is needed.