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A New Era of Time Tracking and Payroll Management with Cloud-BasedHR Assistant

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2020

With an aim to enhance user experience with business management tools, ProPaySoft makes business activities like payroll and employee tracking secure and accurate.

FREMONT, CA: Business leaders are worried about how to streamline their management processes. When it comes to complex tasks like onboarding, payroll, or attendance tracking, businesses can easily find themselves buried in paperwork, spreadsheets, or falling out of local regulatory requirements. As a solution to this, ProPay Software launches a cloud-based HR assistant to help alleviate business management hurdles.

ProPay lets business owners streamline their HR management processes by easing the steps through their cloud-based system. Acting as an HR Assistant, the software enables users to check hours and earnings, enter employee deductions, and review and submit payroll in a single location.

Business is made easy through ProPay's user-friendly dashboard, which lets firms to organize employees by department, review employee details, and keeps track of individual benefits and notes. The secure employee-customer portal enables employees to safely access their personal portal to request time off, review documents, and access pay stubs. Additionally, ProPay's system keeps up with labor laws to make sure that businesses stay compliant. This payroll management feature is set to unveil in mid-September.

Prior to releasing the payroll system, ProPay will be launching a time tracking system with a fresh and modern approach. Some of its features include a mobile app, time tracker, slack integration, Apple watch integration, and geofencing and tagging.

Propay wanted to create a cloud system that would offer more functionality for business owners. There are several steps that go into payroll and reporting, and it can often become complex to keep track of when using multiple platforms. With ProPay Soft, users are presented with the essential pieces together under one roof so businesses can spend more time running business and less time keeping track of paperwork.

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