A New Feature on Google Search to Show Rush Hours of Local Businesses

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: For those who don’t like waiting in long queues, Google has now introduced a new feature of showing the “Rush Hours” of any local store being searched for. While searching for a business, along with the basic details like location, timings and such, popular timings will also be displayed. This feature is represented through a Bar Chart, showing the peak hours of every single day, the store functions, reports, Sarah Perez, TechCrunch.  The search works by first entering the name when all the relevant details such as location, timings appear and then clicking the name will show the popular times of the particular business. This feature efficiently helps the customers to visit the stores at a time when it is least crowded. It is easily accessible on any device having internet connection.

This feature might not be new to the market as previously many apps have been launched to show the waiting time at restaurants or theme parks like WaitAway, Nowait, BuzzTable but many of these apps do have subscription fees unlike Google’s feature which is free of charge. These apps also send text messages once the waiting time is over, which Google does not provide. However, Google is accessible to wide range of users worldwide and aggregates information from the smart phones of millions of users.

The Company says in its post that the ‘popular times’ feature helps users save time by letting them avoid long lines when going to a particular place. The rush hours of businesses can be skipped and the right time of visit can be pre-planned. This feature is available for millions of businesses all over the world, but is not live for many Google users as of now. It is available to Android users having Android Google Search App having access to the internet. The popular times feature also helps the businesses to know about their traffic patterns and peak hours. However, Google is not providing any special information to individual businessmen as such.