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A New Platform for the Genius Minds!

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 1, 2019
Scott Sacane, Founder & CEO

Scott Sacane, Founder & CEO

It is believed all over the world that the genius minds in science deserve access to advanced tools. Now providers have come up with a single integrated platform to resolve every data challenge faced by the experts.

FREMONT, CA: “At Catalytic Data Science, we want to connect researchers to the vast world of life sciences data, information and analytics through a single, highly integrated cloud-based platform,” said Scott Sacane, CEO at Catalytic Data Science.

The company, a leading provider of life sciences R&D workflow solutions, has recently announced an integration with Box, which is among the foremost cloud content management providers. The comprehensive integration bridges a long-standing gap in the life sciences R&D IT marketplace.  Traditionally, researchers produced scientific knowledge by using a vast number of different point solutions and then manage it in entirely separate applications. It seemed more comfortable when data flows were smaller and less complicated, but life sciences data loads today are overwhelming researchers and reducing the pace of innovation. The combination of Catalytic’s R&D workflow solution and Box’s cloud content management solutions enables researchers to generate and manage scientific knowledge in a single prevailing integrated platform.

Now, research teams can send any document virtually, from Box to the Catalytic Platform. It presents the content to analytic and workflow services to complete research tasks and send the output back to Box. The integration creates a Life Sciences R&D Cloud Platform that combines every vital resource needed to develop scientific workflows. It also networks the critical team members to meet the present data challenges.

“Data is everywhere in the life sciences industry, and researchers are struggling to make sense of it all,” stated Sacane.

The life sciences industry has not been data-limited, somewhat lacked insight due to outdated strategies that hindered the ability to collaborate and make sense of data. Catalytic Data Science was featured as one of the 20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers of 2018 by CIOReview. The company pictures a modern R&D IT infrastructure to meet the life sciences challenges in recent time. The launch with Box was a crucial step in creating a platform that enables scientists to reach milestones faster with efficiency and lower expenses. Catalytic Data Science integrates critical R&D resources to provide the best possible digital tools and networking researchers with colleagues to generate fresh insights.