A Next-Gen Web Portal for Netzero and Juno Subscribers from United Online

By CIOReview | Monday, March 14, 2016

BUFFALO, NY and WOODLAND HILLS, CA: United Online Advertising Network, Inc., a subsidiary of United Online, Inc. (Nasdaq: UNTD), has made available a next generation web portal for its NetZero and Juno internet access and email subscribers with content partner Synacor Inc. (Nasdaq: SYNC), a leading multi-screen technology and monetization company for personalized media. This portal features syndicated digital content from different content providers delivering business, politics, lifestyle, tech and sports news, along with Synacor’s “Don’t Miss,” a video program that covers upcoming prominent TV shows.

The new portal is redesigned with more upgraded and expansive quality to provide rich, interactive video content to NetZero and Juno subscribers. NetZero offers a full range of high quality, low-priced Internet access services including high speed dial-up, home DSL, mobile broadband and home wireless broadband. The content can be optimized across devices like smartphones and tablets. It offers a much-improved experience while connected via a broadband connection.

“Our combined capabilities greatly improve NetZero’s ability to provide its subscribers with the cutting edge content that they expect, while also opening up new advertising opportunities for us. This is a relationship that is structured to grow as the landscape changes and as both of our businesses evolve,” comments Jenell Cook, VP Operations of United Online Advertising Network while talking about partnership with Synacor.

While Synacor CEO Himesh Bhise says, “by rolling out our newest generation portal, United Online gets benefitted by delivering our syndicated video content and monetization components to its ISP user base. We look forward to expanding our relationship in the years ahead and helping United Online continues to deliver outstanding, multi-device experiences to its NetZero and Juno subscribers.”