A Novel Platform for Cybersecurity Assessments for Marketplaces
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A Novel Platform for Cybersecurity Assessments for Marketplaces

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces enables bulk adoption of crowdsourced security for marketplace and app store owners.

FREMONT, CA: Bugcrowd, a crowdsourced security company, announced Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces. The platform is designed for the app store and marketplace owners looking to expand cybersecurity assessments across the entire marketplace ecosystem. Additionally, the tool simplifies the adoption of vulnerability disclosure model, bug bounty program, and next-gen pen test solutions at scale for application developers.

Marketplace owners are in charge of ensuring that the tools offered within their marketplaces are built on the same level of security as they are. Many marketplaces implement security assessments as a requisite, which is both expensive and intricate to deliver at scale. Moreover, an equal number of marketplaces fail to monitor security after admittance efficiently. Mainly the failure is because the continuous assessments on each application can be operationally and financially overwhelming.

With the introduction of Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces, the enterprise offers continuous crowdsourced security testing for each application in the app store, devoid of the management overhead associated with individualized security testing programs.

Through the new platform, app store owners subsidize access to Bugcrowd’s Crowdcontrol tool and programs. In addition to the current public bug bounty program, Atlassian, a provider of productivity software, has announced its first Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces employment to connect with third-party app vendors.

For marketplace owners, Bugcrowd for Secure Marketplaces advantages include:

• Fully-managed crowdsourced security programs with specialist security researchers and pen testers tailored to each engagement through Bugcrowd’s CrowdMatch technology.
• The platform advances the visibility and reporting into individual program health.
• Purpose-built methodologies to meet the needs of the individual marketplace.
• For marketplace apps, the platform benefits include:
• Quicker acceptance into the marketplace with fast Bugcrowd security assessments
• Subsidized Crowdcontrol platform and program accessibility—pay only for verified vulnerabilities.
• Consistent and transparent methodology to meet Marketplace security necessities, with a dedicated Bugcrowd program account manager to assist every step of the journey.
• The tool also features customized program health reports, dashboards, and on-demand reporting.
• The new tool also includes a fully-managed vulnerability triage and prioritization by Bugcrowd application security engineers.
• SDLC integrations, including GitHub, Jira, and ServiceNow for workflow management.

Applications through the program also receive a Secured by Bugcrowd badge for their storefront, demonstrating customers that active security is a top priority.

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