A Partnership That Brings the Best in Latin American Marketplace
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A Partnership That Brings the Best in Latin American Marketplace

By CIOReview | Friday, September 27, 2019
Gonzalo F Nunez, Managing Partner

Gonzalo F Nunez, Managing Partner

The mishmash of TCP’s deep expertise in the manufacturing and distribution industry in Latin America with the global leadership of E2open in networked supply chain solutions will create several exclusive and compelling opportunities.

FREMONT, CA: Technology Coast Partners LLC is a business solutions leader that escalates the digital transformation journey of Latin America’s manufacturing and distribution companies. It recently partnered with E2open, the one place in the cloud to run the supply chain, to mutually deliver the best of the digital supply chain management technology in the Latin American markets.

With the combined platform of Technology Coast Partners LLC and E2open, it will be easy to enhance efficiency and exponential growth for organizations in Latin American markets with a primary focus on Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. 

“Customers demand solutions that allow real-time end-to-end visibility across manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, channels, and customers. The addition of E2open to our portfolio of intelligent applications will enable Latin American companies to plan, execute and improve their entire operation, from procurement to manufacturing all the way until the end consumer” said Gonzalo F. Nuñez, CEO of Technology Coast Partners. 

The new alliance is all set to bring unparalleled value to mid and large companies in the region searching for changes by transforming themselves, beyond the four walls. They are willing to transform themselves with the help of Integrated Digital Supply Chain solutions like Channel Shaping, Demand Sensing, Sales, and Operations Planning, Collaborative Manufacturing and Logistics, and Transportation management. 

The Global 100 customers of E2open have utilized the company value for many years that includes building exact near-term forecasts with real-time data, automation, and ML algorithms. The customers also gain benefits from a complete collaboration and data transparency from the manufacturing ecosystem. It brings a timely and precise response to production variances and drives a consistent standard across disparate quality systems. It helps in stimulating and improving the revenue of every channel with a 360-degree view and the new decision-grade data in one place. The company manages incentive programs and retail executions, which can optimize partner performance. The customers get benefitted from streamlined collaboration and visibility across every tier of supply.

“Supply chains are more complex than ever before, so companies that plan to stay competitive require technologies that allow them to digest complex integral information instantly and in one place in the cloud. E2open’s collaborative and agile platform has a proven track record of unlocking business potential by connecting and digitizing an intelligent supply chain. We look forward to expanding this networked, harmonized and optimized way of doing business to manufacturers and distributors in Latin America,” said Michael Farlekas, President and CEO of E2open.

Technology Coast Partners is a privately held company, which was featured as one of the 10 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Consulting/Implementation Services Companies – 2018 in CIOReview. Apart from the manufacturing and distribution industry, the company serves as a strategic, experienced partner in developing businesses of solution providers across Latin America. It offers sales, marketing, and channel development support in constructing an extensive customer base.

On the other hand, E2open brings more connected and intelligent supply chain, with the ability to sense and react to real-time demand, supply, and delivery constraints. It gathers data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics partners. The collaborative and agile supply chain platform of the company enables clients to utilize data in real-time, with AI and ML to drive smarter decisions.

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