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A Personalized Flying Experience with Big Data Analytics

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Airlines always try to offer the best flying experience to their customers. They schedule things like seat number or type of meals in agreement with flyers' preferences. Data is the integral component that enables airlines to perform this personalization. By analyzing a traveler’s data about choices and preferences, airline teams can seamlessly identify passenger’s interests. Several organizations are already into data analytics for personalization and have created innovative solutions.

Recently, the Passenger Technology Solutions (a global event for technologies and innovations shaping the future of the end-to-end passenger) was launched to improvise and personalize the passenger journey. There are a lot of organizations which combines passenger data with the social media trends to decide passenger interests today. Adopting such techniques in dining can also reduce food wastage and improve the productivity while offering seamless personalization.

Moreover, there are also other certain factors such as marketing, pricing, and networking strategies, which airlines target to offer a personalized experience. By collecting meaningful data, working on it can eventually get airlines more bookings over a time span. For example, customers could be presented with special offers and promotions based on data analytics.

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