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A Private Voyage with Advanced Technology

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 4, 2019


FREMONT, CA: The rapid technological advancements in the travel industry has increased the number of private travels using personal jets by business travelers to a great extent. The successful development of digitalization is transforming the industry and customer experience from the terminus a quo of the travel—from booking until the end of the journey.

Click-Away: Online booking is crucial to the travel industry, as it helps the passengers to book a seat on a private jet with one single click on the device. Companies have adopted digitalization strategies to provide hassle-free booking and end-to-end services to their customers. The comfort of booking a private jet charter and keeping an eye on the cost online makes it available to a wide-ranging audience.   

ADS-B Technology: Automatic Data Surveillance Broadcasting (ADS-B) technology has enhanced the private travel industry, and swift improvements in the technology will lead to its installation in every private business jet in a few years. ADS-B technology helps in tracking the aircraft through satellite signals and also provides vital information such as location, altitude, and airspeed using GPS. Besides this, the technology requires no manual input for the operation and improves visibility to avoid a collision for a safer journey.

Data Analytics: Different data analytics tools help in the marketing and promotion of the company and create its brand online so that it becomes an attraction for travelers. The tools accumulate the specific group of audience via internet platforms and release helpful content to the customers from time to time.

Digital Video Technology: Digital video technology plays an important role in online marketing and developing the private travel industry as digital video is considered to be a priceless way for branding and reaching out to the target audience.

In the digital world, the technologies are helping in creating new and easily accessible ways to improve the travel of the customers and heighten the existing business strategies of the private jet charter companies.

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