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A Right Approach for Data Center Team Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In an enterprise, all of the information technology resources of a firm are managed and regulated in conformity with its needs and priorities, and a data center is a heart for boosting such operations. When the data center is new, all decisions about  building an IT strategy needs in-depth discussions to understand migration plans, capacity growth forecasts, and the criticality of the applications to be hosted on the data center. Keeping applications, servers and other components running seamlessly in a data center is sometimes strenuous, but to build a productive and an innovative IT team structure is perhaps more ambitious. The idea here is to build a high performing team that might not have any turnover but is jovial and seeks career growth in your department. The goal is to make work environment worthwhile, not long hours and heroics.

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To determine if you have a strong team design, ask your team members:
• Do they explicitly understand what is expected of them (roles and responsibilities)?
• Do they have clear goals and purpose that actually required working interdependently to achieve them?
• Are they familiar with the team norms and agreements about how to go along with? Can they list it?
• Are they well-versed with the time, resources, and information the job demands for?

Things a data center team leader needs to be wised up on:

1. In the workspace, replace a hierarchy with open collaboration. This will enable IT staffers to show willingness and will influence them to be self-directed.
2. Give everyone a clear mission, resources, and time to execute properly with the project, make sure everyone is on the same page and aligned to a common goal.
3. Don’t ignore the training, if required. Invest in training for sweet spots i.e. lowest-level employees, such as junior admins as they are comfortably challenged to be innovative.
4. The high-level IT staffers and other senior network engineers with a depth of knowledge can work unaidedly in their respective area of expertise. They should be encouraged to take bigger responsibilities in managing and carrying out tasks in a data center.
5. Giving supervision and regulation in hands of  IT team means availability of experts who know the complete product.
6. Build a creative team, not just a robot unit to perform specific task. The data center team may require time to learn and to be innovative. When the team or an individual is unable to cope, encourage them to share insights and ideas. Boost productivity by lauding them for what they achieved beyond expectations.
7. Know the likes and dislikes of your employees. Give them hypothetical situation for what step they would have taken if they were in charge. If their thought is convincing, try implementing it and give them credit to show that you were serious.
8. Celebrate! Leaders must celebrate all kind of success. It is vital to count on every milestone, no matter how small the journey was till then.
9. If anything goes wrong with the execution of a plan, turn that attention to yourself. Stand in front, and hold yourself accountable. You might not know, but you’ll be winning hearts of many.
10. Knowledge in programming, database analytics, and security compliance is a prerequisite for all IT team members.
11. A sure-fire way to make the most of the data center space in daily operations and stay ahead of the data center curve is to train employees and stay up-to-date on hot IT skills.
12. To top it all, look for professionals with more experience while hiring. Hiring experts can be costly, but organizations would reap huge benefits in the long-run for sure.