A Step toward Recreating Housing Construction
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A Step toward Recreating Housing Construction

By CIOReview | Friday, July 19, 2019
Carl Bass, CEO

Carl Bass, CEO

To meet the growing demand of housing can be a massive challenge, but it also serves as an opportunity for the construction industry. It helps to accelerate industrialized and modular construction as well as develop the way houses are designed and built.

FREMONT, CA: “Autodesk has been involved in construction and engineering software for over 30 long years, and are positioning ourselves to lead the next generation of this kind of software,” said Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk. Autodesk and Citi, recently provided strategic investment to Factory_OS, to address the fast growth of affordable housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Factory_OS is a leader in transforming home construction by building multi-family homes affordably and sustainably, while creating jobs and funding innovation.

Autodesk, with the investment, develops its existing relationship with Factory_OS by supporting the build-out of the Factory Floor Learning Center. It is a space committed to education and research on industrialized construction and changes required in public policy to optimize its advantages. The investment will help in establishing a team to build a new Rapid Response Factory and offer an opportunity to both explore supplementary machining techniques and meet the demand of quick turnaround housing required during emergencies. Autodesk and Factory_OS together shall provide superior software collaboration to simplify design, fabrication, and supply chain management.

Citi will support Factory_OS through its Spread Products Investment Technologies (SPRINT) initiative within the ICG division and Citi Community Capital to finance affordable housing and community development ventures.

“Our main technology initiative is leveraging generative design and IoT. Further, we take this approach towards the latest 3D printing technology, while injecting those initiatives onto the cloud,” Bass stated. Recognized among the Top 20 Construction Tech Companies in 2018 by CIOReview, Autodesk provides software for innovative high-performance cars, towering skyscrapers, smartphones, or films.

Factory_OS is a volumetric modular construction start-up with a substantial potential to move the conventional construction methods and bring affordable multi-unit residential properties. It was founded by industry veterans who are committed to create their business sustainably and serve as the disruptive force to the industry, which is much needed.

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