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A Step Towards Sustenance with IoT Innovations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sustainable development is the organizing principle for reaching human development targets while simultaneously sustaining the capacity of natural systems and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depend. Using Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance sustainable development is emerging as an obvious and possibly the best way to efficiently consume natural resources, manage waste, and also enjoy financial benefits. The ultimate aim of sustainability is to tackle the limitations in accomplishing social inclusion, environmental justice, and economic growth.

The population explosion is on the rise. The future generation will need natural resources daily. Countries also have to fulfill the population needs without compromising on the standard of their people's lifestyle. The currently depleting natural resources cannot meet future needs with the growing population. It is essential to promote sustainability and that the government, social agents, and citizens should collaborate to conserve the environment. Building an infrastructure that sustains for a long time can be the first step towards sustainability.

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Sustainability is not always about the environment as achieving social and economic sustainability is equally important. It is crucial for the citizens to support and promote sustainable activities that are being carried out, as it will create a healthy, resilient, and livable community. Many countries are carrying out several measures like promoting environmental awareness, realizing the importance of sustainable development. Making smart use of IoT along with these practices, is very important.

Buildings of today provide a lot of convenience to the residents, with the use of digital technologies. Buildings that are powered with IoT can provide improved energy efficiency and enhanced comfort to the occupants with added economic benefit. With smart buildings come smart parking's. Finding a vacant parking lot is a huge hassle, and to spot an empty parking space in high traffic is a real challenge for drivers. A smart parking management system uses IoT to collect data helping system to find the available parking spaces and allows drivers to book a parking spot. IoT powers intelligent waste management, connected street lights, and smart water management for the resident's convenience.

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IoT is lending its helpful hand to enhance sustainable development. It is very amusing to see how IoT will help the government, citizens, environment specialists, and social entrepreneurs to collaboratively work and achieve sustainable development goals for building a better future.