A Strong Partnership for Record IT Performance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 4, 2016
George Teixeira, President and CEO, Co-founder, DataCore Software

George Teixeira, President and CEO, Co-founder, DataCore Software

BAYPORT, NY & FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: DataCore Software, a leading provider of unified storage services recently announced that CSDNET—an experienced IT group, has met all the required certification, training and qualifications to become its premier partner in Americas.

DataCore’s recent customer, Plainedge Union Free School District illuminates the eternal value of the company’s Software-Defined Storage platform which enhanced the performance speed, automated the management processes and increased uptime as well as streamlined the data management process.

 “Just like other enterprise, we required the ability to get rid of down time in a cost-effective way,” states Dr. Guy J. Le Vaillant, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Instructional Technology at Plainedge Union Free School District. “This was made possible by working with CSDNET to deploy DataCore in a synchronous mirror configuration between two schools—thereby radically enhancing our storage infrastructure availability. We have now eliminated downtime with the implementation of a proven DataCore solution using an architecture that delivers high availability.”

“Customers view CSDNET as a company that they can count on and the one that provides purpose-built solutions based on the best product for the customers, enabling efficient data and database administration. The business value and flexibility DataCore brings really resonates with our customer community—as does the overall power of software defined storage, which ensures faster performance, better data security and overall storage efficiency,” says Fred Zappolo, Vice President of Sales, CSDNET.

CSDNET’s customer base includes K-12 school districts, colleges, universities, hospitals, state and local governments, and Fortune 500 companies. The “four pillars” of the firm’s business include networking, server and desktop virtualization, wireless, and IP surveillance. 

Devi Madhavan, Vice President of Channel Sales and Enablement, DataCore stated, “CSDNET has joined our reseller community because its IT practitioners are assured that DataCore brings a lot of added value by enabling the users to do more with our powerful Software-Defined Storage. Our perpetual licensing model has unique value in and of itself. But in addition to value, resellers cite our technology superiority as another essential reason for customers to build their storage strategy with DataCore at the heart of everything. There are numerous real-world scenarios regarding how our global customers alleviate risks and prevent downtime using our storage visualization software.”

DataCore has the most comprehensive storage devices and heightened parallel I/O technology in the data management arena that integrate with the entire infrastructure. “Our platform allows organizations to remove physical, geographical and device-specific restrictions of data storage equipment that slow down, interrupt or endanger IT operations,” says George Teixeira, President and CEO, Co-founder of DataCore Software.

CSDNET, as a premier partner of DataCore, acknowledges that DataCore’s innovative technology ensures higher productivity and further consolidation of server technology by enabling more applications, Virtual Machines (VMs) and workloads to run on these readily available, multi-core platforms, without I/O bottlenecks. This enables mission-critical lines of business applications such as those based on Microsoft SQL Server, SAP and Oracle databases to provide the best performance possible.