Aarron Walter Engages With InVision to Drive Design Education

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Being a user experience design mentor at MailChimp, Aarron Walter is now ready for a transition in the career by moving towards InVision. In his new attire, Aarron will be leading a new division of fostering design education globally with the designation—Vice President of Design Education.

InVision—a product design collaboration platform—discovers the importance of empowering young designers of the future. It admits free access to higher education and K-12 classroom students to introduce the next generation tools for their entire career, since 2014. The company works with over 1000 faculties at more than 500 colleges and universities across the globe, including Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, and Pratt Institute.

Walter has put up in a crucial position, as InVision’s first VP of Design Education, to serve and assist business leaders, creative community, and two million customers of InVision to ameliorate design-driven products centered on what users want and need.

"Intuitive design is a new competitive advantage, which in turn is elevating design's role within business," said Clark Valberg, CEO, InVision. Valberg remarks that didactics on the latest trends, novel ideas, and technological changes in design influences business leaders to build better design policies that promote best exercises and behaviors, and enable the development of design as a common language for all.

InVision empowers teams to do their best work and collaborates with design. Walter notes that Design and Education are the cornerstones of his career and he is going to unite them in his new venture. Through meeting with business leaders, leading workshops and seminars, Walter wishes to share his insights on InVision's content channels that elevate the value of user-centered design.