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ABB has been selected to partner with Nexa Resources in its digital transformation program

By CIOReview | Monday, August 10, 2020

ABB has been selected to partner with Nexa Resources in its digital transformation program.

FREMONT, CA: Nexa Resources announces the appointment of ABB, one of the key players in mining in Latin America, to offer state-of-the-art industrial automation systems for existing and new operations. Nexa has selected ABB as its partner in an ambitious digital transformation program. The first step of this program will be the modernization of existing mining and smelting process installations in Brazil and Peru, the foundation of digitalized and cost-effective operations.

Collaborating with Nexa’s Directive Automation and Information Master Plan, for a five-year agreement, ABB will deploy ABB Ability System 800xA. It is the most potential Distributed Control System (DCS) automation platform in the market, ranked by ARC advisory as the world’s number one over the last 20 years. This latest technology is the cornerstone for the digital transformation and will help as an operations platform to back all technology upgrades as the plants evolve.

One of the immediate gains of this partnership will be employee safety as the modern automation platform enables remote monitoring and control. The platform increases productivity by applying modern control techniques and generating value for the company and the local community. Nexa is also providing thorough training, and communications plan to support ABB through the transition.

Besides automating existing sites, ABB will deliver automation platforms at the Aripuan site, the new Nexa expansion investment in Brazil. This project is a polymetallic extraction of zinc, lead, and copper in Brazil. This plant is a greenfield site where Nexa is capitalizing on operations infrastructure, engaging ABB from the start. There, ABB will provide automation solutions that create high productivity, safety, and cost savings. Comprehensive automation will be the result of this program.

Nexa Resources has over 60 years of experience in the mining and metallurgy segments, supplying its products to every continent on the planet. It focuses on building the future of mining, on being increasingly sustainable and innovative, with the right safety practices and respect for people and the environment.