Abbot Medical Optics Introduces iDesign LASIK through North Shore Eye Care

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 23, 2015

SMITHTOWN, NY: Over the past 20 years, LASIK has been considered the safest and most successful method of vision correction and now Abbot Medical Optics (AMO) chooses North Shore Eye Care to initiate the new iDesign LASIK system. It offers a wide range of treatment options with a potential to achieve 20/20 vision, says Long Island eye surgeon Jeffrey L. Martin, MD, Managing Partner of North Shore Eye Care.   

The key difference between standard LASIK and custom LASIK is that the former is based on nomograms developed by monitoring thousands of patients with similar prescriptions undergoing LASIK, while the latter’s  advanced diagnostics are used to develop a custom wavescan - or fingerprint of the eye - as unique as a person’s DNA. This wavescan is then used to perform Custom LASIK.

Additional benefits of the iDesign system are that it allows surgeons to treat much broader range of patients who were not ideal LASIK candidates in the past. “With iDesign, we can now treat a much higher range of Astigmatism and we can treat patients as young as 18 years of age,” says Dr. Martin.

AMO serves in vision care with a long history of innovation and vision correction technologies. Their products and services address a wide range of vision disorders and satisfy patients who seek greater freedom from the limitations of eyeglasses.