ABBYY Introduces Two New Language-based Products to Enable Smart Business

By CIOReview | Friday, February 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA:  ABBYY, a provider of technologies and solutions to optimize business processes, mitigate risk, accelerate decision making and drive revenue, has recently informed about the launch of InfoExtractor SDK and Smart Classifier. The new products based on the company’s ‘Compreno’ technology helps organizations in the development of next generation smart business process applications, escalating business decisions and understanding for various industries. The newly launched Compreno technology, transcends traditional capture and text analytic solutions by understanding contextualized word meanings, facts and story lines within business-critical text.

"Taking text analytics and information discovery to the next level, Compreno gives businesses the ability to gain a deeper understanding of their information and  make well-informed decisions that help mitigate risk, and drive revenue," noted David Bayer, vice president, Compreno Suite, ABBYY in an chat with Lisa Hoover McGreevy, a freelance journalist and blogger.

InfoExtractor SDK automatically identifies business relevant information from complex text documents and help organizations by providing insights that impact business decisions. The software development kit which supports a wide range of formats including Microsoft Word, TIF, JPG, PDF helps in reducing risk and optimizing asset management.

Smart Classifier, through its combination of semantic and keyword-based algorithms helps in organizing unstructured content in any of 39 languages for information governance, email and content management and data migration. Its Model Editor interface allows users to easily create, evaluate and refine classification models to streamline and boost the efficiency of content-intensive processes.

“ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK and ABBYY Smart Classifier takes data analysis to an entirely new level, allowing companies to take advantage of the critical facts and story lines that are, literally, right in front of their eyes,” declares Bayer.