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ABM: Targeting the key accounts to ramp up ROI

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

With the increase in the market competition, businesses across industries are implementing an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy for identifying and to target their key accounts and improve ROI. Data intelligence along with an ABM help automate and scale organization’s ability to engage their key accounts. They provide marketing, sales, and advertising solutions for customers like banks, insurance companies, brokers, and other entities connected to financial services and risky investments. The combination of ABM and data intelligence is changing the paradigm in B2B marketing and creating new ways for financial services companies to differentiate and personalize their services to the right audiences. And now it is the time for financial services companies to move beyond the traditional marketing strategies and grab ways to target specific companies to deliver customized and tailored messaging to their key accounts.

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ABM is a veritable game-changer for marketing and sales organizations. However, there are limitations to its potential value. The key to successful ABM is the ability to capture buyer intent data across the entirety of a target account which means all touch points, all contacts, and all channels. Marketing and sales performance are very critical to the ability to hyper-target B2B marketing strategies. But there are few odds that human intelligence can take advantage of the staggering amount of intent data to accurately calculate the best times to engage with target accounts.

Incorporating target accounts accurately at the right time and each time requires AI's predictive capabilities. Using ABM, sales and marketing teams take buyer-intentioned signals to determine the right time for a prospect to engage. However, AI and predictive analytics can take data and contextual data from that intention and calculate where a prospect is on the journey of their buyer. Sales and marketing will, therefore, know the right time to send the right commitment. The actionable insights generated by predictive AI can enhance ABM programs, strengthen the quality of prospects at all stages of the sales funnel, leading to more closed deals.

For years, ABM is not about adopting and following the same strategy; rather, it is about finding better goals for leads to high quality and new approaches to lure them. Having the right parameter for measuring and tracking marketing efforts will make it easier for an organization to monitor progress towards achieving its ABM objectives.

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