Accelerated Launches New LTE Cellular Extender Model 6300-LX

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TAMPA, FL: Inspired by the unprecedented growth of Internet of Things (IoT), Accelerated, a company that provides hardware and software solutions that expand primary and backup data connectivity and management capabilities have recently introduced its 3rd generation cellular connectivity appliance, 6300-LX, that helps businesses to stay connected.

The Accelerated 6300-LX is a compact, high-performance, LTE, 4G or 3G enterprise router that is ideally suited for connections to the IoT, as well as primary or backup connectivity for branch office, distributed sites, smart devices and retail locations.

As per Strategy Analytics June 2015 survey report only the cellular portion of the IoT market is expected to reach just under 2.1 billlion subscribers globally by 2022.

In a statement Rick Gretsch, VP of Product Management says, “The new 6300-LX Cellular Extender expands Accelerated’s cellular portfolio by adding the flexibility to use a USB cellular modem. Our customers, whether connecting offices, stores, kiosks, ATMs or digital signage require that their devices are always connected and available.”

The 6300-LX can be used as primary or failover cellular connectivity for branch office or retail locations. It serves as an alternative to 6300-CX which includes an embedded cellular module.

All the Accelerated products including 6300-CX and 6300-LX can be centrally managed with a cloud-based cellular management portal, Accelerated View. A wide range of configuration settings can be maintained and distributed from a central management location. These attributes empowers an enterprise to rapidly deploy, scale and manage a large number of remote locations in a short amount of time. Accelerated View can also generate various criteria-based status reports including device check-ins.