Accelerating Mobile Application Development

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Keith Ballinger, VP of Product, Xamarin

Keith Ballinger, VP of Product, Xamarin

FREMONT, CA: Xamarin and Realm has recently announced their partnership to exchange direct insights on structuring APIs and take advantage of the C# programming language for increased ROI in mobile application development. Microsoft is very supportive of this Xamarin and Realm collaboration and counts this as a great opportunity for developers to write good mobile apps.

Both the companies are working on the same for almost a year. California based Xamarin considers this as a solid partnership where the main objective is to expand C# abilities alike Android and iOS developers for Realm. Xamarin will escalate efforts of Realm in the enterprise mobile strategy. “Xamarin accelerates time-to-market and mobile success with a complete workflow for enterprises to build, test and monitor high quality, high performance mobile apps,” says Keith Ballinger, VP of Product, Xamarin.

The partnership of Xamerin and Realm presently caters to iOS and Android systems with the same codebase. Both the companies hope in supporting Mac in near future along with UWP and Unity.

Xamarin offers services to media, transportation, finance and government operations catering companies like Sennheiser, Trimble, Aviva, UK Parliament and so on. In case of mobile applications, Xamarin client services team accelerates the time required, thereby enabling faster workflow. The company’s team of experts meets demand for mobile app development services with advisory services, providing guidance on mobile strategy, technical training, architectural best practices and ongoing assistance throughout the development cycle.

“With over 1million developer downloads and customer building apps for all use cases and verticals, our unique perspective and technical expertise helps enterprises avoid pitfalls and succeed faster,” states Ballinger.