Acceleware Forms Alliance with Repsol for Reverse Time Migration Software

By CIOReview | Friday, April 24, 2015

CALGARY, AL: Acceleware software signs an agreement with energy company Repsol to include the custom development, and maintenance of leading-edge production- ready Reverse Time Migration (RTM) seismic imaging software.

RTM, a sophisticated migration method for seismic depth imaging which was wrought with many challenges especially computational obstacles. Acceleware overcomes these challenges with its solution Acceleware’s AxRTM solution. AxRTM delivers the basic numerical functionality of Reverse Time Migration as a library capable of being integrated into an existing seismic processing framework. Its modular architecture supports a variety of integrator-specific functionality, and both optimized multi-core CPU and NVIDIA GPU hardware.

The development will cover a wide range of RTM and other seismic imaging tools and hardware platforms. It will have isotropic and anisotropic TTI capability and will support NVIDIA Tesla K10 and K80 GPUs, as well as Intel Xeon multi-core CPU clusters.

The agreement is expected to be worth US$2.1 Mn to Acceleware, of which US$1.3 Mn is expected to be payable in the first year, with the rest payable over a three year maintenance period.