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Accellion Empowers its Security Features to Elevate Productivity

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Yorgen Edholm, CEO and President of Accellion

Yorgen Edholm, CEO and President of Accellion

FREMONT, CA: With the aim of increasing the productivity, Accellion, a provider of private cloud solutions for secure file sharing and collaboration, beefs up the security features of its kiteworks platform. The company’s kiteworks platform secure content platform makes it easy to securely access and share enterprise content, whether it is stored in the cloud or behind a firewall, using a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone or wearable device. “We’re going to be providing this ability to work with Microsoft Office tools through the kiteworks product line,” asserts Bob Ertl, Senior Director of Product Management, Accellion.

The revamped kiteworks platform includes private folders, desktop remote wipe, secure email messaging, file-type exclusions, touch ID and single sign-on using Kerberos. The platform can sync files through its private cloud environment to ensure protected access to updated content across devices, both online and offline. This enables users to edit, share, view, and upload content to personal devices without creating a duplicate copy.

Accellion is able to keep enterprise content from “spinning out” of an organization by applying IT controls that keep sensitive and confidential information secure.  “With kiteworks managing document workflows, it’s easy to create and add users to folders, assign tasks, add comments, and maintains document version control,” pin points Yorgen Edholm, CEO of Accellion.

The platform has been providing encryption, full auditing, DLP integration, e-discovery, policy-based content retention, data sovereignty, app white listing, and user-friendly digital rights management. Looking ahead, Accellion is focused on adding more productivity, enhancing features to the platform such as federated search, which allows content indexing across enterprise content stores.