Accenture Expands its Consulting Services into Industrial and Operations Management
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Accenture Expands its Consulting Services into Industrial and Operations Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CHICAGO, IL: With the aim of integrating IIoT with Energy sector, Accenture acquires Cimation, an affiliate of Audubon Companies. The acquisition combines the expertise of both firms for clients to focus on such technologies as field sensors attached to equipment like oil and gaswells.

David Abood, Senior Managing Director, who leads Growth and Strategy for Accenture’s Resources operating group, remarks that: “We’re excited about the Cimation acquisition. It marks an important step in our strategy to move beyond the enterprise and back-office services into our clients’ asset and operations technologies and the Industrial Internet of Things.”

Cimation operates on automation, IT and Industrial Control System (ICS) cyber security. It supports the integration of enterprise IT systems and operational technologies regarding the resources where industries need to capitalize on solutions, production, optimization, asset analytics and industrial control systems.

As a result of the acquisition, the employees of Cimation, located in US and Canada will be joining the Accenture Asset and Operations Services group. Together, the companies aim to deliver solutions for their clients ranging from strategy and governance to systems integration and remediation.

“Industrial companies are realizing the value of (IT and operational technology) convergence to lower costs, increase productivity and improve reliability and safety,” says Peggy Kostial, Senior Managing Director, Accenture’s North America Resources operating group. “Our union with Cimation will expand our digital, management consulting and technology consulting capabilities to help clients achieve their goals of managing their assets more effectively and with greater security.” adds Peggy.

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