Accenture Unveils Innovation Center to Exhibit New Business Opportunities in the Digital World

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Accenture has developed new innovation center wherein it will demonstrate to its customers the new areas of opportunity enabled by heightened digital customer interactions. The influence of social media diagnostics tools, digital assistants, and customer interaction data will be illustrated to the customers giving them deep insights about the new possibilities in the modern connected world.

Accenture will host two different workshops: one day innovative workshop that focuses on technology innovations; Rumbles, a two day service and experience design workshop to brainstorm new business ideas driven by technology.

Companies will be invited to the Accenture Interactive Innovation Center for one-day innovation workshops that will be specialized to the industry they operate in, company’s needs and the challenges they face. The influence of Artificial intelligence, the IoT and social media on marketing, sales and customer service will be reviewed in the programme.

Rumbles is a program designed to create a high number of competent concepts. Fjord is a service design company that is leading the team of researchers from Accenture Interactions. The team is utilizing Accenture Interactive Innovation Center to prototype, analyze digital customer experience and conceptualize their impact on business performance and outcome.

“Social media, wearable technology and big data are adding a new dynamic level of complexity to the brand-customer-interaction. This requires companies and marketing departments to stay on top of digital developments and kick-off strategic innovation processes to better serve the digital customer. This is what our researchers and consultants work on hand-in-hand every day.” says Alexandre Naressi, managing director at Accenture Interactive, part of Accenture Digital, and head of the Accenture Interactive Innovation Center.