Access Healthcare Leverages to Promote Revenue Cycle Management

By CIOReview | Friday, March 18, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Access Healthcare, a provider of healthcare revenue cycle services, has initiated the best practice process with enhanced automation in it’s proprietary platform, boasting the overall performance gain in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). The company’s core mission is to revamp RCM by adopting the best utilities in areas such as technology, process and people.

The platform is an integrated set of applications that has implemented the company’s best practices throughout the RCM. The three major areas of the platform include Knowledge Management, Workflow and Reporting, and Operations Dashboard. The technology provides a complete overview of the organization to its customers. It further simplifies the process and digitizes the entire work cycle from end to end.

“My staff can access real-time work-flow reports, view productivity levels, and customize overarching business rules to meet my organization’s needs. As a result, my staff spends less time worrying about getting claims paid and more time on customer service and strategic priorities,” said Mike Barnell, CEO, Precision Practice Management.

Access Healthcare will also introduce Robotics Process Automation (RPA), an innovative technology application that will be integrated with the platform. The company’s team of developers are constantly trying to customize the process and determine the steps which can be successfully automated, while still ensuring the highest standards. Application of RPA will enhance both quality and efficiency for the organization’s billing firm customers and health system. The technology will lead to a massive decrease in the turnaround times and human error, triggering a detailed surveillance of the process and higher quality of work.

“Automating the rule-based, repetitive processes frees up valuable time for our associates and leaders to focus on higher-order tasks. It allows them to be creative, learn, grow, and not worry about mundane tasks that traditionally take a large amount of time, but very little brain power,” elaborates Prabhakar Munuswamy, Head of IT, Access Healthcare.