Accolade Technology launches the Markets Most Advanced Quad 10GE Flow Processing Adapter ANIC-40 Ku

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fremont, CA: Accolade Technology, an industry leader in high performance FPGA(Field-Programmable Gate Array) technology based packet capture and application acceleration adapters/NICs recently announced its latest breakthrough product-ANIC-40Ku.  The ANIC-40Ku is a bleeding edge Quad 10GE PCI Express Gen 3 adapter built to tackle the most demanding network monitoring and offload applications making it one of the markets’s most advanced application acceleration network adapter/NIC.

The ANIC-40Ku is based on Accolade’s next generation Advanced Packet Processor, packaged in an avant-garde FPGA supported by a 4GB (extendable till 8 GB) high performance DDR4 Memory sub-system. It is designed to capture packets and transfer at 40 Gbps across the PCIe bus. The ANIC-40Ku’s mission critical hosts CPU offload applications support hash-based classification of up to 16 million flows, application aware flow management, traffic management and packet de-duplication. “Due to the escalation of complex, transitional network monitoring and cyber security threats our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers demand the most advanced packet capture and acceleration features,” says Robbie Dhillon, CEO, Accolade Technology. “The ANIC-40Ku manages to quench these needs by delivering breakthrough mission critical features such as flow classification and a fast look-up table in an optimum low-power package.”

The ANIC-40Ku comes bundled with a software development package and Linux drivers along with a comprehensive API that supports access to hardware health (PHY Status, onboard temperature, voltages). It also includes built-in functionalities such as filtering, classification, host buffer management and time stamping sub-system control/configuration.  The timing sub-system in the ANIC-40Ku also boasts an optional Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) as a stable high precision clock source. “The ANIC-40Ku enables our OEM customers to focus on software innovation to accelerate time-to-market in network monitoring and security solutions,” re-iterates Dhillon.

Accolade Technology specializes in delivering high performance FPGA-based packet capture and application acceleration adapters/NICs tending to global OEM network security and monitoring appliance customers. Accolade provides a versatile line of ANIC (Advanced Network Interface Card) FPGA based PCIe products that perform advanced packet processing in application performance management, financial trading, wireless infrastructure and test and measurement OEM applications.