Accretive Media's Accretive Outcomes Suite Designed for Out-Of-Home Advertising
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Accretive Media's Accretive Outcomes Suite Designed for Out-Of-Home Advertising

By CIOReview | Monday, October 25, 2021

Out-of-home advertising is now as accountable and straightforward to measure as online advertising, thanks to the new reporting tool.

FREMONT, CA: Advertisers can enjoy extended interaction with audiences through out-of-home advertising in ways that other mediums just cannot equal. Accretive Media, a market leader in out-of-home data and technology, has put forward Accretive Outcomes, a new solution for out-of-home advertising measurement and attribution.

Accretive Outcomes’ patent-pending solution is the first and only out-of-home effectiveness measuring tool designed particularly for the out-of-home market. Existing out-of-home measurement solutions are either platform-specific or retrofit mobile advertising measurement concepts for out-of-home, both costly and time-consuming. Accretives’ suite of measurement tools considers the intricacy of consumers’ interactions with out-of-home venues to provide accurate, privacy-compliant, and actionable insights that enable advertisers to make more informed investment decisions regarding their OOH media expenditure.

“We believe that access to accurate and reliable measurement will be a huge catalyst for growth for the out-of-home industry and are thrilled to lead the charge,” says Craig Benner, Founder and CEO of Accretive Media. “Advertisers want to invest more in out-of-home advertising, but can’t spend tens of thousands of dollars and wait weeks after every campaign to determine if the spend was worth it.  Accretive Outcomes ensures that advertisers clearly understand how their out-of-home investment is performing, regardless of the screen, the platform, or the format they ran.”

Accretive's Out-of-Home Graph is the platform's backbone; it is a storehouse of POI data, screen locations, home information, mobile location data, and online and offline sales data. The technology connects campaign data to the graph to assist advertisers in determining the effectiveness of their out-of-home advertising. The reporting suite includes web visits, online sales, app downloads, foot traffic, reach/frequency, return on ad expenditure, and specific offline sales reports. All reporting is based on the OAAA's newly adopted exposure methodology, which was honed over three years of field market implementation.