Accruent Releases its Latest Retail Project Management Software
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Accruent Releases its Latest Retail Project Management Software

By CIOReview | Friday, May 16, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Accruent, a provider of real estate and facilities management solutions, has announced the availability of its new project management software. Accruent Project Management is a cloud-based software solution designed from the ground up around mobile users in order to capture complete and accurate information in real time.

“Here’s the challenge,” says Mike Williams, vice president of product management and marketing at Accruent, “a project team member is at a job site and sees an urgent issue that needs resolution. She takes a photo with her smartphone and texts it to a contractor who needs to act immediately. The contractor fixes the problem and the project is back on track, but this entire workflow happened outside the retailer’s project management system.”

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It’s only natural that team members want to communicate as quickly and effectively as possible. But the reality is that project management systems designed just a few years ago are being rendered obsolete by the ubiquitous adoption of mobile devices. Any project management system is quickly undermined and suffers loss of trust when informal communications take over.

“Most project management systems today support mobile as an additional way to interact with the system, in a way that’s almost an afterthought,” Williams continued, “but we wanted to design a system with mobility at its foundation. Accruent Project Management assumes that many team members will use a smartphone or tablet as their primary device, and we have designed the software to provide easy mobile data updates, photo uploads, and viewing of a wide variety of files, including CAD drawings.”

Accruent unveiled the software, which is available for immediate deployment, at its Insights User Conference in Austin, Texas this week. The cloud-based software is easy to deploy to both internal team members and contractors, and by embracing mobile technology, Accruent expects customers will see improved project performance through faster, more complete and accurate communication. At initial release, Accruent Project Management supports team collaboration with document, task, and milestone management. In time, the product will offer additional capabilities such as advanced scheduling and cost tracking functionality.

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