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ACDI Introduces File Search Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 21, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The generation of enormous machine data renders document search a complex process today, which directly hampers business workflow. Addressing the challenge, Access Control Devices Incorporated (ACDI), introduces a brand new search technology product called FileSight. Aiming to bring a high end solution for timely document search and retrieval, ACDI dealers can now access FileSight and also distribute it among end users.

File searching is an extremely complex process for computer users and takes up to 15-30 percent of average work time. In fact for file safety, users now save documents both online and offline, in several locations like desktops and drives. As a solution to every loophole in file searching, FileSight operates irrespective of format, structure or device. With easy integration capabilities, businesses will realize the value of this application once they opt for it. Like, ACDI’s PaperCut, FileSight is also an agnostic document search tool that works with all kinds of scanner and copier. “Quite simply, you can drop FileSight in anywhere and it’ll find data everywhere—on servers, clouds and hybrid infrastructures,” said Mark Hart, ACDI’s Director of New Business/National Accounts.

Every application of FileSight is cross searchable. The application will take into count both existing and newly created files. FileSight is supported with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which indexes previously non-searchable PDF, TIFF, JPG, FAX and GIF file. Users can also search from first time scanned documents as well. “This is a product that will streamline workflows, deliver virtually instantaneous results, accelerate decision-making, and increase employee productivity, while delivering a return on investment essentially from day one,” said ACDI President, Josh Lane.