Achieves Branded Calling Milestones and Enhances Digital Communication Exchange Platform
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Achieves Branded Calling Milestones and Enhances Digital Communication Exchange Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Over 1,000 enterprises now benefit from branded calling through a branded communication provider

FREMONT, CA: First Orion has been leading the charge in creating innovative telecommunications technologies since 2008, directly changing how consumers receive phone calls and driving customer engagement for enterprises, said Joe Stinziano, president and COO of First Orion. The value of branding phone calls is becoming clearer to business leaders in all industries. Our centralized platform provides an all-in-one solution for enterprises to securely brand calls and make data-driven decisions that improve the customer experience and increase productivity and revenue. The latest enhancement to the Digital Communication Exchange also helps lay the foundation for future industry solutions such as Rich Call Data.

More than 1,200 companies use First Orion's branded communication solution through its Digital Communication Exchange, the leading provider of branded communication solutions for businesses. Using First Orion's centralized platform makes branded communication simpler, safer, and more convenient for enterprises, carriers, solution providers, and resellers. INFORM® Paired, the industry's most advanced solution to mitigate brand spoofing, was also integrated into the telecommunication solutions provider's platform.

First Orions Digital Communication Exchange, displaying the platform’s versatility across customer service, sales, delivery, and more, executes over 8,000 unique calling programs.

A unique feature of the Digital Communication Exchange is the addition of INFORM Paired which delivers businesses the best-in-class analytics for call program optimization. An illegally spoofed branded call cannot be made with the breakthrough call protection solution.

Combined with First Orions name-based branded calling product, INFORM and Paired will be beneficial to businesses at risk of spoofing. A business's reputation is damaged when scammers imitate it, putting its customers at risk. Scammers cannot spoof a company's display name when using INFORM Paired, so scammers are outsmarted and trust in their phone calls is restored. Pre-call authentication capabilities for enterprises with high call volume and high risk, UCaaS and CPaaS solutions, and call centers are provided by First Orions cutting-edge solution.

Adding Paired to the Digital Communication Exchange is an important step in helping businesses fully protect their brands and customers from illicit spoofing methods, said Josh Whitehurst, director of product management at First Orion. Call spoofing impacts organizations in all industries, and this new functionality will take call authentication standards to another level by nearly eliminating the ability for scammers to spoof branded calls.