ACS&T Logistics Joins JDA to Expand Third-Party Logistics Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 2, 2015

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: The ultimate aim of any product-based organizations is to win consumers’ loyalty by delivering aggressive and faster logistics services. In order to achieve this goal, JDA software announces its partnership with ACS&T Logistics – a provider of provider of storage, distribution and consignment stocking services for food and retail industry – to leverage its third-party logistics (3PL) services on implementation of JDA Warehouse Management.

ACS&T Logistics combines order fulfillment, stock control and deliveries to develop economies of scale and help customers reduce overall logistics costs. The company gains customers’ trust by offering various customized services from blast freezing and food packing to intelligent replenishment and transport optimization that are delivered to multiple locations quickly.

JDA Software – a computer software and consulting firm – delivers supply chain management, retail merchandising, store operation and all-channel commerce solutions.

The partnership powers JDA to optimize daily operations across its four regional distribution centers with the help of ACS&T Logistics which utilizes its resources, optimizes employee practices and maintain high speed and responsive delivery.

“By managing and standardizing ACS&T Logistics’ warehouse operations across the UK, JDA Warehouse Management will improve accuracy, increase resource efficiency, optimize daily practices and enable delivery speed — all of which support the dual goals of high customer service and high profitability,” says Andrew Kirkwood, RVP-EMEA, JDA.