Act-On to Commence a New Integrated Workspace for Better Marketing Automation

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 17, 2016

PORTLAND, OR: With the software industries altering trend, Act-On Software has introduced its integrated workspace to fulfill the CMOs growing demandafter the net-new leads acquisition backed by added functionality for brand marketing and customer marketing. Constant up-gradation of Act-On software strengthens its end-users to apply marketing automation segmentation, scoring, and nurturing functionality to the areas above the acquisition marketing. It also includes influencer relations, human resources, customer retention, and customer advocacy.

Digital marketing has covered a long road toshift from the Don Draper-style of marketing to focus more towards branding and innovating on data-driven anddemand generation. Act-On conducted a survey within 250 senior level marketers from US based B2B and B2C companies for the correct judgment of brand, demand and customer marketing to check the current marketing scenario. It also highlights on thebudget and staff distribution process among these three marketing areas.

The reports suggest a healthy balance between marketing and demand generation however majority of companies spend more time in marketing functions beside demand generation.It is also noticed that top performing companies spend less time in demand generation than underperforming companies.Although the balance is still maintained, the marketers are not contributing in leveraging marketing automation outside of demand generation.

Demand generation has served the marketing efficiently and has also assisted the marketing automation from a long period. Inspite of the fact that demand generation is a major factor in growth, there is still plenty of space forthe CMOs to come with an out of the box approach for marketing. The new approach must follow a deep study on marketing automation’s relationship with the customer experience and its responsibility in brand awareness, demand generation, and customer retention & loyalty.

Latest use cases for Act-On Marketing Automation include Brand Marketing and Customer Marketing. Brand Marketing is featured with influencer relations, press release attribution, corporate/internal communications, brand identity management, and event management. Whereas, Customer Marketing features new customer onboarding, expand product usage, new feature promotion, customer retention, satisfaction surveys, upsell/cross-sell, and advocacy/loyalty.

"The role of the CMO today is more strategic than ever, and as a result has a bigger presence at the table," says Kevin Bobowski, CMO, Act-On Software. "Not only must a CMO build a high-performance demand generation machine, they must also act as the chief experience officer and brand steward,” he explains.