Adaptilytics Combines Predicitive Data Intelligence with Live Conversation Automation

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SANTA BARBARA, CA: HG Data and ConnectLeader are together stepping forward to offer new adaptive analytics features on sales acceleration platform ‘Adaptilytics’.Adaptilytics is a Data Intelligence Engine where predictive data intelligence unifies with live conversation automation.  The platform enables ConnectLeader’s customers to prioritize and constantly update the outbound call lists.

The platform allows sales representatives to identify, engage and close more business with right expectations. Using this, an adaptive ‘ideal target profile’ can be easily created by defining and weighing the data categories; inside sales productivity can be increased by over 8 times when compared to manual dialing; and with more conversations and more dialing, more revenue can be generated.

Advanced intelligence integrated to the platform at contact level enables sales representatives to optimize dialing priorities and increase the quality and quantity of sales conversations resulting in short sales cycles and increased revenue. They also have the freedom to purchase data from various data sources in the industry.

As a result, the representatives can connect with the right prospects at the right time based on criterias like ‘buying intent’ and ‘installed technology’. When prospects are chosen based on ‘buying intent’, more appointments and demos can be carried out, resulting in more deals and increased revenue and growth of organization.