Adaptive Collaborates with Serenity to Expand its Market in Health World

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CAMPBELL, CA: Adaptive Sound Technologies (ASTI), supplier of adaptive audio products and sound machines, has signed an agreement with SerenityHealth, provider of stress-free and relaxation products. Also, the company has launched two new products, Sound + Sleep Therapy Systems and LectroFan Sound Machines along with and other Serenity Health resell channels.

Sound + Sleep Therapy Systems, an adaptive technology, is designed to help users relax and sleep more quickly. It weighs 2Lbs and can turn off display lights automatically. It can also play all night and have rotary dial for soundstory selection. While, LectroFan is designed to eradicate the disruptive noises. It has two ways to reduce unwanted noises, each having ten non- repeating unique sound variations and has multilevel adjustable volume and 60 minute sleep timer. 

Under this partnership, AST’s future products and machines will be marketed and distributed through Serenity Health’s network of online sales channels and customer outreach programs on destination sites, email and social media.The joint ventureof the two companies exhibits AST’s extensioninto new wellness markets with established resellers, who have good knowledge about the market andhave customers who care about health products. 

“This relationship will accelerate ASTI’s presence into incremental channels and broaden the exposure for the company’s sound machine portfolio to better reach customers in need of sleep solutions,” states Keith Washo, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, ASTI.