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Adaptive Intelligence is Now the Go-To Technology for Business Analytics

By CIOReview | Friday, June 14, 2019

Business intelligence tools are undergoing continuous development as the amount and variety of collected data increases. Adaptive intelligence is going to play a vital role in enabling better data capturing and utilization by adding to the traditional capability of tools and reducing the requirement of human interference in data analytics. According to a study, 85 percent of big data projects have failed to deliver the end goals. Adaptive intelligence might be the best way to change that.

Adaptive intelligence, which is a branch of artificial intelligence, is concerned not just with collecting and analyzing data but also providing plausible solutions. It makes analytics smarter by enhancing its capabilities in different ways. It decreases biases and inaccuracies as human intervention is the bare minimum. It understands the context and hence, delivers the right information to the right people. Although human involvement is minimum, adaptive intelligence takes decisions with the value system of human beings.

The processes of decision making improve manifold when companies use business analytics aided with adaptive intelligence. Data about the market, consumer preferences, and efficiency of operations are collected and analyzed to gain insights and is valid in every field, ranging from agriculture to healthcare to manufacturing. Utilizing conventional data analytics tools helps companies to improve their offerings, enhance customer satisfaction and maximize profits but when adaptive intelligence is added to the mix, relevance and context become a part of the system as well. 

The confluence of technologies like adaptive intelligence, artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data can make business analytics more potent than ever. With time, as the capabilities of each technology improve and smarter tools are created, intelligence will go more in-depth and grow more comprehensive. Adaptive analytics will touch every point in an organization to make processes more responsive and contextual. As the name suggests, adaptive intelligence’s most vital property is its adaptability through which it can develop itself over time to suit any environment and yet be completely useful.

Adaptive business analytics will make life easier for businesses as it develops itself to become the most indispensable tool. Making business decisions will become super easy and much less risky.

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